Activating customers through insights , clever settings and engaging situations

What makes a good product great? The customers!

We at ZtoA channelize our efforts to maximize the potential of your product through a tangible marketing strategy. By creating exciting brand experiences, we offer audience an experience that resonates and leaves a lasting impression. The aim is to introduce your product to the audience in the best way possible.

While every brand strives for attention, only few get some and even fewer make sales. At ZtoA, we ensure that we lead the way into brand marketing and experiential events. We ensure strategies are well-laid and insight driven, giving the audience enough information and great experiences as they attempt to make what is known as a well-informed decision.

With a superb brand activation event, customers not only get the opportunity to use the product and get familiar with its features on a one-to-one level, but it also rekindles their love for experiencing products before purchase. Tapping into this desire is where success lies.

We believe in the power of experiences. Nothing moves your customer like an experience, it’s the closest you can get to making a connection between your brand and customer. We respect the opportunity at hand and here is where our prowess lies - to set the ambience for a connection.

Here are a few of the services covered under the broad concept of brand activation:

  • Consumer Activation
  • School / College Contact Programme
  • Van Campaigns / Roadshows
  • RWAs / Society Contact Programme
  • Mall Promotions

When it comes to activation, the power lies in the details. From a great insight to a workable activation plan, every decision needs to be a good one. We are passionate about creating an engaging experience that reaches and stays with the consumer.

At ZtoA, we uncover the uniqueness of the brand and create communication with longevity. We aim to accelerate the growth of your brand by creating irreplaceable connections with your audiences through power-packed experiences.